Sunday, September 11


Our lovely blog is dead. Maybe we should rename it to Yadmmob. It seems it is not just our blog that died. The entire blogosphere is suffering. No great discussions, adventures, insights, or developments. Could it be the MMO as a genre completely is coming to an end? Perhaps it is.

But personally I am as active in my all time favourite MMO as I have ever been. I am daily popping in, doing research at work, printing out guides, even designed a spreadsheet for it, and generally just have a whole lot of fun.

So much so that this morning Tamera "Lourin" Phare managed to reach level 100! I felt pretty damn good about myself. Although AO is now more than 10 years old I am still at awe at some of the vistas, the atmosphere when walking around Elysium, the busy hubble in Borealis, or the immement danger of running into a nanostorm near the cyborg camps. The game still gives me that feeling of walking in a different world.

I don't think I can ever get bored of playing a game that lets me immerse myself into a virtual world. But unfortunately I have the feeling less and less people think the same as me. Rift shrunk a world into a nice set of quest hubs. Games like League of Legends and World of Tanks abandon the idea of a world completely. I don't know if it can be profitable anymore for any company to make such a wide world. Probably not. But I don't have to worry too much yet. I am not even half way in AO yet.

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  1. Next month Fallen Earth will be F2P. I'll be back there too to get my dose of virtual worldlyness.

    (Yes, a new post. And yes, I made this comment to notify you of that. *grin*)