Friday, July 1


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If the in-game environments are really as good looking as in the video, and I can roam around freely as that than I am sold. Well, I was sold already. But this video is making me hunger for the release.

And after that they will hopefully finally finish the AO engine update.


  1. In the meantime I am playing the other funcom games. I resubscribed to AOC about a month ago, just before the f2p announcement. I still have to taste the Khitan area since I got hooked on Anarchy again while I was in Chicago, and AO was the only thing installed on my laptop. Signed up for 6 month deal. That should get through the summer lull.

    My Rift subscription is expiring on Monday or so. I have already mostly forgotten about that game.

  2. Since AoC is such a good looking game it's no surprise that TSW is :) It's the locations they've chosen that works so well for me, sure they are cliches of horror/thriller pulp but that's what the world is, all those stories tacky or not are coming for you...

    As for AoC be warned that max level content in Khitai is hard work, Nahkti is in full raid gear but how much does that help? nothing, nada, zilch, absolutely not, get two foes on you and you'll struggle, get three and you won't survive, spawn rates are high and it's an unforgiving world, which makes it great fun if you're in that mind set. The biggest downer of course being the faction grind.

    I'll be leveling the Bear Shamen I was last working on (the original Vailare) now that AoC has gone freemium, don't forget to say hello!

    Rift *sigh* boiled down to the same thing in the end - the dreaded dungeon grind, but hey it was fun while it lasted :)

  3. Ah, the hidden benefit of altitis... I never make it to the dungeon grind. Too busy working on leveling alts, hehe.