Saturday, August 22

Still alive

Apart from a sparse comment I have basically been absent. Which is a sad thing, since I have actually been visiting the site still multiple times a day. But somehow putting my own tardiness into word is to hard. So postponing it till tomorrow worked better. But today I can get away with saying very little.

Wednesday I received my Champions Online Beta key, and by Thursday evening I had the game up and running. I had managed to create a new Phe, and then the game crashed as I was about to make my first step. By Friday my urge for alts made me postpone her first steps, and in stead I created another heroine, who did manage to make a few steps and some random heroic acts.

Today Phedre really got into action, and I played around for an hour or two. I haven't made up my mind yet if I like the game or not. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to put it into words. But for today I'll just post two screenshots. I haven't figured out yet where (and if or how) the game puts the screenshots, so I paste it into paintshop. Unfortunately it doesn't show the HUD, which it is not one of the games strong points. But the fast action and random small side missions made me have quite some fun.

Here I am talking to some police chief in distress. Although he was holding a gun and wearing body armor he thought it would be a good idea to send a lady in corset and long skirt without any weapons to rescue some citizens.

This was just a random billboard.


  1. I'll need to know Phe's full handle/nickname whatever so I can create a Shelaugh Na'Gig and join you in the fray :-)

  2. It is Phedre_D. Phedre was already taken. But strangely enough I could name my heroine Phedre.

  3. Uhuh, I'd read about that.

    Your avatar is Phedre@Phedre_D or something along thsoe lines. Your avatar name doesn't have to be unique in CO so there might be a few other Phedre's around. it was one of the early "hey that might be interesting" features.
    I'm not sure how it works out when two Phedre's get together. I might throw in an alt to test that with you unless it'd freak you out :-)

  4. As the game is now in true Open beta I've got myself a key and am queuing for the download, I'll be creating a character called Nahkti once I get in.