Thursday, August 20

Guild Wars 2 - Video screengrab thursday :)

It's been a long time coming but today saw the Guild Wars 2 site get some real content in the shape of a teaser video, while the artwork is nice I'm not too fond of the animation style, it was only when I started to see the game footage I got a little excited, here's a few grabs of ingame scenery from the video


  1. Woot! Cool!
    I haven't seen it yet but in my linked items there's a link to the World premiere trailer as well.
    It's looking good. We don't know what/if the tech team has been doing all this time, but at least the Art department has kept up cranking out beautiful stuff :-)

  2. *grin* I was so looking at the pictures i didn't read they come of the vid. I thought it was screenshots :-)

  3. 5 playable races (not needed IMO)

    Keeping primary/secondary profession combinations as in GW

    A limited skill system (more than 8)

    Less skills overall than GW (GW currently has 1319 in total, not a bad thing)

    A z-axis, woot for jumping, climbing and swimming

    Persistent world this time but still using instances for missions and dungeons

    Open world PvP in a seperate area from the PvE world aswell as structured PvP (guild vs guild etc)

    A sidekick system

    No monthly fees

    I'm happy to see primary/secondary professions staying along with a limited skill system, more skill choice but more thought needed to set up your skillbar, miss that in most MMOs. I'm really pleased the graphics aren't a letdown and happy to say Jeremy seoul is returning for the score. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Read this article about something less questy, more public quest alike "events" system.

    I'm not that happy with the Chibi-look of one of the races. Unless it's pod-people in a Dark Crystal MMO I am dead set against anything that has a head larger than 1/4 the torso.

  5. Original article, forgot all about it :-)

    I agree those Asura are way too cutesy for my liking too, in GW1 as NPC's they are sarcastic snobs, gave them a bit of an edge.

  6. They came in after I quit Nightfall then I think. I don't recall them at all.

  7. Yeah they came in with Eye of the North, the expansion created when the 4th chapter was cancelled after they decided to create a whole new game (GW2), EotN laid alot of the groundwork for the lore of GW2 by introducing the Norn, Asura, building alliances with the Charr and the first clues at the Sylvari. The Charr homelands in EotN are a particularly beautiful part of the original GW, styled much like pre-searing with it's autumn coloured trees. It's very nice.

  8. Yeah, Norn & Sylvari being rather lame generic West European Fantasy and Sakura tapping into some genetic "need" in certain Asian cultures.
    EotN sounded like a cheap shot at the time and it's not making me excited to hear that's the line they'll be continuing with GW2.
    I liked the One Player Race approach of GW 1.
    If anything I would've preferred if they expanded on the birdpeople a bit. But maybe they did and turned them into genericrap as well.

    I find it interesting they abandonded one other staple of GW fame. NPC party members / Heroes. I never tried the latter but the former were pretty decent and often lauded as an example for other MMO's which had too much group content or too many solo players.

  9. They have a companion system instead of a hero/hench system, not too different, just the one though and as most content will be soloable one should be enough.

    Wow Lani so cynical and down on it.

  10. Sorry, the whole thing while gorgeous is hitting a "too little, too late" nerve with me.

  11. No offense Lani but why too little too late ? It's only been in development a couple of years and there never has been any talk of release dates, beyond the naff races the project looks a much more innovative one than we've seen in a while.

  12. Oh oh...found something else I'm not to sure about it may have..dum dum duuuum...guns! Thats gonna be an interesting one to watch on the forums :)

  13. The pictures looks great, the people that will play it are great (ie. the MUtants), and for me at least, it will be whole new experience. I am looking forward to it. But in a I-see-it-when-I-see-it kind of way. From what I see and read here I am hopeful. But maybe I am just in a hopeful mood. I am actually even getting a bit excited about Aion too secretly.

  14. Phe, as usual, has the right attitude. I was just being bummed out about being proven right (by the sound of things) regarding Champions Online going the way of the Big Ego Projects of someone who thought they were the instrumental secret ingredient that made a prior project a success with jack Emmert following in the footsteps of MacQuiad and Garriot that way. CO is really shaping up to be either his TR or VG.
    Some of that careful what you wish for, you might get it feeling spilled over unto the GW2 announcement. Still I'm not really happy with A'net's handling of publicity/marketing/branding but at least they are unique in that they can't be accused of overhyping.

    As to Aion, yes. Probably the right approach. One blogger said "you don't hear the FPS crowd whine that it's all more of same, do you?" which is very true. Most succesful FPSes are closer copycats than MMO's today are. THen again, most FPS games don't charge a monthly fee on top of microtransactions, or vice versa either.

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