Friday, October 8

A bit behind the times

Five and a half years after the original release I finally got moving in Tyria. And I am having fun! Especially since I got to meet Geeky again. Hopefully soon I will tell you about my adventures. But for now just a greeting from a snowy hill. Oh, and Gwen is saying hi too.


  1. Good to see you in the game Phe, great timing too! The release of the HoM rewards for GW2 has bought a hell of a lot of people back to the game, it's been lovely logging in and seeing so many people active again. This is the first weekend in ages I've not done any game playing but you'll see me a fair bit during the week, I'm playing the War in Kryta content (starts to bridge the lore gap between GW and GW2} it also offers some nice weapon rewards which can be placed in your HoM, the staff dyed black will look very cool on my necro :)

    A lot to look forward to on your journey, I'm glad your enjoying it, looking forward to helping you out on the missions :)

  2. One of the particular nice aspects so far is the sense of exploration. I had to visit some wizard that looked nearby, but I had to find my way in a very round-about way, with some interesting obstacles along the way.

    Overall I think the landscapes look really good! For an 6 year old game it outshines most other games I have played the last two years.

  3. Ah, Wizard's Folly... the memories...

  4. You'll get a quest that takes you through a gate in a large wall (you'll need an accomplice to open the gate), the landscape there is absolutely lovely, people loved it so much Anet decided to make new areas like it for Eye of the North.

    So much to see *excited for you*

  5. Well this got me to fire GW up again and use the ingame store to purchase Eye of the North.
    Dubbed whether to try Nightfall in stead, but of the two story arcs, EotN interests me most.
    Then I looked at the upgrade packs, which by an all seem to be priced at twice what I'd pay for it. Given that SL made the barriers less for me I suspect Anet could do better business by lowering these.
    Still I got the pet pack :-)

    *Sigh* I deleted my Ranger at one point. Dunno why because the Mesmer I replaced her with didn't live that long either. Oh well have to bring up a new ranger then as I'm not planning on buying stuff for my second account which has my replacement Ranger :-)

    There's a newbie Rnager running around Ascalon now, listening to the name Su Haya (didn't want to find a last name and know it's going to be abbreviated to Su anyway)

  6. Perfect! That was exactly the intension of my post. Now only waiting for fractured to come back as well, and all is well in the world. Maybe I should email Apoletta ...

  7. You should definately invest in Nightfall at some point, it gives you the heroes (customisable hench),has some great stories, some worth having skills, has some of the hardest content and you get to ride around inside worms! EotN is great too of course, the dungeons are very nicely done.

    Can't believe you deleted your ranger :(

  8. OMG bring back the yak! :)

  9. Heh, the yak...

    I actually still have a guild on there too. Obscure Order of Aventurers [Xlpr], if I remember right. Never did anything with it. It was one of those bored out of my skull things... and I wanted to create my own cape too. lol...

    deleting characters? My whole first account is pretty much still intact. My second, well, I regularly delete them off there to make new ones (when I play, if ever, that is), but it's getting harder and harder to make space for a new character when the altitis flares up.

  10. Emailed Apo. She is doing fine, and told me to say howdy to you all. But I doubt we'll get to see her back in GW any time soon.