Thursday, March 4

Cuppytalk hit it on the nail again

Well, sort of. Read her post WoW, I heart you. Also, end of an era. A month or two ago she figured out she had this pile of single player games lying she never gets to play since her usual MMO is demanding all her time. That MMO that should be boring by now, but we keep playing. Oops, I switched from 'she' to 'we'. It is just too close to my own opinion. Today she figured out any MMO (apart from the usual one) is boring. There is no real joy anymore in stepping in a new virtual world and struggle to kil those 10 rats. What is the use? And more important, what is there for us to write about? No wonder there are hardly any posts anymore. Another era is really ending? What does that really mean for us? The end of being virtually social maybe. The days of living behind the screen is over, and we another form of entertainment takes over. Maybe I'll be more often in the pub now. Hmm, not a bad idea actually.


  1. Is there a handy reference to her blog thingy? Or is that only for twiiter and facebook types?

  2. Considering we live in the same city we should meet up in that pub!

    I think it's the lack of anything truly new thats killing it for me, I'll log in to something different, have a few hours of fun if I'm lucky, write something about it somewhere then probably rarely, if ever, return.

    There really isn't anything truly 'next gen' out there and the future only seems to hold some 'interesting' rather than really exciting developments.

    Considering how many titles there are now (including all finance models) we should have more choice but that choice boils down to just different flavours of the same thing, that's why we keep returning to the flavour that best suits our palette, there is a distinct lack of anything really new :(

  3. Yes, it is actually pretty sad when two friends living in the same English city not even meet up for a pint or two once in a while. We ought to do something about that urgently!

    And you are probably right about the lack of innovation too. All MMOs do the same thing. Start off slightly stronger than the rats around you. Spent a lot of time doing more of less the same over and over till you are slightly stronger than the rats around you.

    But I don't really know where the innovation should come from. The main idea of an MMO is that there is this virtual you. And there is just so much you can do with a single avatar in a multi-player environment. You start weak, do stuff, get stronger. It is the cycle of life. Do we perhaps have a virtual midlife crisis?