Saturday, March 20

Confirming stereotypes

So here we are.
Mom wanted to go away for a weekend with her children and their spouse (that's my brother's, I have the complete SG-1 series. No spouse) in a bungalow in a bungalow park.

For some reason we got a bungalow with Internet access. Also for some reason I was the only one not to notice that or birng a laptop to the bungalow.
Naturally I was the one who ended up at the reception buying a UTP cable and thereby re-enforcing the image of the computer nerd who can't go without Internet for a weekend to the girls behind the counter, because no-one thought to consider that the permium Internet service might not be Wifi given that non-networked cabins are intermixed with networked ones.

I just hate it when I'm being non-nerdy and somehow end up being the nerd who solves all the problems for the non-nerds, like a Morlock serving the Eloi.
Then again, I am the only one here who has a blog to vent their frustration on...


  1. Need to go.
    Mom wants her laptop to play bubble shooter on.

  2. Come back and vent your frustration further when your mom beats your high score on Bubble Shooter :)

    I am the work nerd, seems in a company with almost 200 employees nobody else has or will admit to having a clue about these things...In thise case I won't moan too hard as any IT work gives me a higher rate of pay than my usual 'donkey' work. The family on the other hand are lost in a sea of true technophobia, despite my attempts at gentle persuasion they recoil in horror, but then this is the family that when faced with lasagne believe they are on to something truly exotic *sigh*. My friends are all mac users with one exception who, though he would hate me for saying it, has some nerdy tendencies all of his own.

    Where you perchance trying to impress these young ladies? *grin*