Friday, February 5

Some eyecandy

A quick showcase of Mass Effect 2's titilating elements:

Mass Effect 2 is a little grimmer

But there's leather seats!

And ominous spaceships that look like rock-cliffs

Smart-mouthed space-jocks

There's also time to relax and catch up with old friends

Not to mention blistering action (and a spoiler)

But also tender and or humorous moments

Of course there's also standoffs

And moral dilemmas


  1. Oh, I strongly recommend to anyone picking up the game after having played the original Mass Effect to go through the trouble of importing their character from the first movie, I mean game.
    Several of the choices you made have an impact on how Mass Effect 2 plays out, and the ME2 default didn't suit me really.

    I'll try to make a screenshot of the Miniature Giant SPace Hamster my SHepard has in her quarters. :-)

    Ok, only BG-II vets will get that last one.
    But the Boo is back!

  2. Not to sound negative, but these screenshots look lower quality than the ones from Mass Effect 1. Not that that will stop me from playing of course. It all looks as great and tempting as I expected. Thanks for posting!

  3. I play with movie grain on, so it looks granular. Good for atmosphere while playing, not so much for screenies.
    ME-2 with movie grain on still has higher detail textures and better effects than ME-1 so don't be dismayed.

    I really, really like ME-2, it has the emotional attachment and depth I felt lacking in Dragon Age. Not that that game was bad, far from it, but it felt done by rote with an overdly great emphasize on moral choices while those choices not having real effect beyond the emotional impact on the player.

    ME-2 got me choked up a few times just like ME-1 did and I haven't even finished it yet :-)

  4. Oh! One aspect where ME-2 > ME-1 is facial shadows. Remember how those sucked bigtime? Looked like a grid of black lines rather than a "real" shadow?

    ME-2 gets it right so you don't even notice anymore.