Thursday, February 4

Nein! Nein! Nein!

This morning I found out I have been a bit daft.

As a good video gaming associated company we have a subscription to Edge. Last month it had a big article about the upcoming FPS/rpg game Metro 2033. The game is way too FPS for me, but the concept of the game is rather intriguing. The game is based on the book Metro 2033 by the Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The story is set in the metro of Moscow after the apocalypse.

The author worked close together with the development team. Of course he had some issues with how his story got butchered in a FPS. But he was still happy to see his story come to life like that. I think it is one of the first books that get turned into a game before it got turned into a movie. Although the article talked more about the game than the book I got excited enough what I wanted to read it. Life in the metro of Moscow just sounds like must-read stuff.

So my search started. As always with books I want to read I start with bookshops. Not much luck at Waterstones, WHSmith or Books Etc. But I had my trip to Chicago few weeks back. No luck there either! This only made me want to get my hands on it more. So last week Friday I gave in and went to It is just not as much fun to buy books online, but I was getting desperate.

A search for Metro 2033 resulted in plenty of options. I could pre-order the game in a couple of flavours. But I could also pre-order the book!? The book was written in 2007. I assumed it would be a special re-release to go with the game. So I clicked a bit more and found I could get it in hardcover with apparently the exact same cover. Amazon was even so friendly to tell me I could get Metro 2034 as well in a handy double deal. Sounded perfect. I didn't see much reason to wait for the next month released version. So I was all set. Now just waiting for it to arrive.

And this morning they arrived. Getting packages at work is always fun. So I opened it up with five collegues instantly cowering around my desk. The books where there. Nice cover. I turn it around and aaargh... I ordered them in German!

Apparently there is no English translation yet. No wonder I couldn't find it anywhere.

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