Sunday, January 17

Past experiences

I just stumbled upon this one:

From before the AvP franchise got fscked up by Hollywood,
the original Aliens vs Predator game by Rebellion for just 2,99€.

The Marine campaign is still one of the best computer-game attempts at capturing a movie's feel and atmosphere ever.
And multiplayer allows you to fight the final fight on an LV-422 map amongst others.
It's a good way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Hey! It's raining, and it's Sunday afternoon!


  1. I saw it too, and immediately thought about you, and how you loved that game. So I was tempted. But I will not be a fun for me now as it ever was for you then. So I skipped it. Maybe I should reconsider.

    On a different related note, I have Allods up and running. I created a human spellcaster and got her through the tutorial. Also created three furball warriors. But there was a bug in the tutorial. Perhaps I will have to recreate them. But I am in. Not going to comment on the game itself yet :)

  2. That got me to head over to Steam but I'm afraid the temptation of Plants vs Zombies for £6.99 got too much.

    Play the demo, it's short but gives you an idea of the madness to come.

  3. I bought PvZ a while back via Steam. But I still haven't started it up yet. Just like Bioshock, SW:KOTOR, Torchlight, Zeno Clash, and now Alien v Predator. Steam is brilliant at luring me into buying stuff. I am brilliant at playing my treadmill MMOs :)

  4. Phe you must fire up SW:KOTOR when you can drag yourself away from FE, great game. How's the graphics update on FE? I've only seen one pair of comparison screen shots, looks nice.

  5. Woohoo, Geekzor has an icon. A bit like the all seeing eye. Any deeper meaning behind it?

    The FE graphics update is nice. The landscape looks a bit more alive. But it is not really going to win anybody over. Still sweet to have. They have more graphics updates in store too. I am a happy wastelander :)

    SW:KOTOR has to wait a few more months longer since I just activated my LOTRO (US) account, and got to chat to Lani in game for the first time since ... May?

    Just playing through the newbie area so far. Looks all pretty fun. I'll be back for more today. And somehow I need to find time for FE as well.

  6. May? Has Falllen Earth been out that long? How come my 2nd paid for Month hasn't expired yet then?

    Geeky's icon does lok suitably abstract and mytic :-)

    KoToR is a good "while I'm in the US" game I think. Sadly the PC version looks a bit dated and the Xbox to PC interface choices aren't All That either. But it's still a rock solid game. Since to everyone but my own's surprise SW:TOR wasn't actually going to be released in 2010 you still have some time to get up to speed with it.

  7. May, October, November, it is all the same to me. It all feels like a damn long time ago. And May sounded a bit more dramatic :)

  8. Mmmm. Drama Queen :-)

    But it was very good to trade insults with that scruffy looking uppity elf!

    I still it's Dwarves and not Hobbits masquerading as killer Wolves.