Wednesday, January 20

A little audio/visual distraction

IMPORTANT: Watch in full screen.

It's breakbeat so don't let the initial calm fool you and prepare for the shock of some joyous audio anarchy midway through. Enjoy :)


  1. Nice. A lot of work must have been put in to making this. Did the creator make this 'just for fun'? Or as a genuine piece of art? Or is it more some bigger project?

    After one minute through the clip I realized I probably should put on my headphones in stead of playing it out loud in the office. Of course the headphone cable was impossibly tangled up. So I missed the halfway point somewhat :)

  2. Blocked by company proxy :-(

  3. I must admit I prefer the chello over the Prodigy-esque beats, but they're blended a lot better than so many passed efforts to mix styles.
    I was also very impressed by the matching of audio effects to both melody and beat. Often it's one or the other.
    Sadly my computer seemed to have crashed and in the process lost 7 of its 8 CPU cores while watching the clip so I won't rerun it. :-)