Thursday, September 17

Small change

Not even worth a post. Might even remove it later. But I just wanted to let you know I changed the two screenshot applets. Now there are three! And I changed Geeky's floating ball thingy to the same slideshow Lani was using. And me too now. I thought it looked a bit more slick like this. The rotating ball thingy is pretty neat, but it only show 10 or 12 images. Now we get to see them all! I left the original hmtl code commented out inside the applet so you can change it back any time.


  1. I am clearly having a very slow day at work today :)

  2. Did you add the avatars next to the comments, or is that one of those magic blogspot updates? I like it though.

  3. Those have been there for a few days I think.