Thursday, February 5

The same 31 suggested games, but now with my comments

This is just a repeat of the previous post by Lani, so look up the link there if you are interested :)
It is an interesting list, so I'll add my view on it too.

A friend of mine is a huge casual browser game fan/developer.
So I played a lot of them.
Bejeweled is one of the best. Nasty addictive for a while.
Beyond Good and Evil:
I know of the game, but never tried of even felt tempted to buy it.
Played it, of course. I am not too bad at it, but half way a game I always went to do some risky manouvre which usually didn't work out too well. At least my games didn't last long.
Chrono Trigger:
Never heard of it.
Coign of Vantage
Another casual browser game.
I had never heard of it, but tried it out just now and I am not impressed at all.
Never heard of it.
Dungeons & Dragons:
I played HeroQuest a lot, and eventually found D&D in some shop somewhere too.
But the magic (or friends) was not there. So I actually never played it.
Final Fantasy VII:
I played FF X for half an hour. That is my only real exposure to FF.
Many hours spent on this game.
But mostly watching my friends play since I was not so good at it.
There was an Atari2600 version too with a slightly different name.
It is probably the first real video game I wasted days on.
I played it for a short while, and I really loved it.
But I only convinced one friend to play as well.
And somehow we always ended up doing other things.
I would really love to play it again.
Herzog Zwei:
Never heard of.
Incan Gold:
Google tells me it is a boardgame. I had never heard of it.
Magic: The Gathering:
Looked over the shoulder of some fanatic players at work. Not my thing.
Mirror’s Edge:
Played it for two minutes at the xbox at work.
Missile Command:
I think we spent three days typing in the entire machine code for this game into an Atari 2600. In the end it worked. mostly. My first lesson in coding :-)
multi-user dungeon (MUD) (any):
For a very short while. But then I moved to Africa.
I was my "game of the show" when I saw and played it at E3.
But I actually never bought or tried it afterwards.
Quite original ideas and graphics.
And Ms. Pac-man. And especially Pac-man Jr. in the arcade.
I am still waiting for a Pac-man Jr. on PC or any console.
So many fond memories ...
Pocketful of Stars:
Never heard of.
Heard of it. But it got released in the wrong period for me so I never touched it.
I know of it, but never actually tried it.
Never heard of it.
Settlers of Catan:
I bought it for my nephew for Sinterklaas once.
I would probably love to play it, but nobody around that likes boardgames anymore :(
Yes. Quite nifty.
Super Mario 64:
Never played NES or SNES actually.
Super Mario Bros:
I think I played this one on my Gameboy Advanced till it got lost mysteriously.
Super Mario Bros. 3
Never played NES or SNES actually. I played the Gina Sisters on the Amiga though.
Of course I played it, but don't really like it.
Texas Hold ’em
Few times a year we play this at work. Poker is good fun.
But just like chess I get impatient after a while and start making stupid moves.
Sometimes it works out, but usually not.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
I have the windtalker on GameCube. But actually never played it.
And never played any of the other Zelda's although I am sure I would like them.
Wolfenstien/Doom 1:
Yep. And that's when I learned I don't like FPS.

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  1. Mirror’s Edge:
    Played it for two minutes at the xbox at work.

    I since donwloaded the demo for Xbox at home. I think it was after about 2 minutes I was looking for the uninstall. Apparently the renewing element is how "everything" (aka carefully scripted objects) can be used for movement.
    Sorry, this is really an extension of an 80's game the name of which escapes me. Portal was more refreshing, and playable.