Tuesday, December 16

31 suggested games for Student game developers

Richard Barrtle reports that Gamasutra's Ask the Experts column has a list of 31 Suggested Games that Students of Game Development Should Play.

he's very happy that MUD (any) is in the middle of the (alphabetical) list ofcourse.
Well, it's something I agree on with Gamasutra.
I'm curious as to how many of the 31 games I played, intended to play and never got around to or plain never heard of.

Tried it
Beyond Good and Evil:
Stood at the brink of trying this a few times.
I think I have a pawn diploma somewhere
Chrono Trigger:
Never heard of it
Coign of Vantage
Eh, what's that?
Tried it. Glad it wasn't a legal copy.
Dungeons & Dragons:
Final Fantasy VII:
Know of. I played 8 instead. With the nice video's, but I wanted to kick my own character in the nuts repeatedly about 1/3 into the game. Gimme Western style RPG's where you have some control over what type of person you are. I don't like playing a jerk.
Heard of, never been interested.
I didn't go as far as buying a board to gather dust as many others did.
Herzog Zwei:
Incan Gold:
Dunno, what platform?
Magic: The Gathering:
Know of. Managed to avoid it. We of the real P&P RPG crowd looked down on it.
Mirror’s Edge:
Seen the commercial on tv recently. Not sure what is so renewing about it?
Missile Command:
multi-user dungeon (MUD) (any):
Of course. Bubble Bobble was better though.
Pocketful of Stars:
I think so. Vaguely remember the title.
Yes, didn't get all that far due to flawed (my opinion) mechanics
Settlers of Catan:
Yes. Some people still aren't talking to me due to the Great Wool Scam :-D
Super Mario 64:
Super Mario Bros:
Start of Ugh!
Super Mario Bros. 3
Three times Ugh!
Texas Hold ’em
Never heard of it
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Sorry, nth installment of a title by another company usually doesn't catch my interest.
Wolfenstien/Doom 1:
Yes, though I claim the Robocop game was a further advanced FPS (looking up) and came out before either.

Some of these games aren't very good, but that's not what studying is about. You often learn as much from how not to do things as from games that did it right but where no-one seems to be able to pin-point all the bits they did right, like with WOW. All this is explained on page 1 of the article, but it wouldn't make sense to do the above excersize after reading that :-)

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