Monday, July 29

Screenshot of the day

This would make more sense if we would be updating the side daily, but Age of Conan is just still too beautiful to just keep to my self. Over the weekend my assassin sliced and diced her way through the Hyrkanian steppes. Before she will be done there completely she went to Stygia to learn about her past (fun fight!), and went into the swamp to learn how to live off the wild. Now that she is almost level 35 she should be able to push the darkness back a little bit.

All the while I'll enjoy the beautiful world of Conan. It feels good to be back there.


  1. I know the new thing to do these days is using facebook, but mixing my virtual adventures with reality doesn't really work for me. I could probably get away with posting the screenshot, but I can't write the same commentary as I can here.

  2. Hey, no need to apologize for not using FB.
    Truth be told, the reason I started putting screenshots on there was twofold: 1) it gave me a reason to use FB in the first place and I wanted to get in the habit of using it to keep track of relatives. 2) a growing dissatisfaction with Goole's products being molded into a FB-like turd. In this case Picasa's conversion into Google Photo.

    I'd (probably) not post the personal story connected to screenshots on FB either, so I love thatyou do it here.