Wednesday, June 27

I might be going overboard ...

I called in sick at work. My second day. Smooth sailing, Jen. But I can do things... things I shouldn't be able to do. things I don't know how I do them.

My BILLY is no more.

I am scared of using my laptop. Scared I'll destroy it. But I want to record this.

But what is 'this'???

... but I am having a lot of fun with it.


  1. That quote is from here. Bright days are coming. For me. Maybe not so much for Ms Wilcox.

  2. Maybe I'm dense, or I didn't pay attention to the non-handle part of Thoay's name...
    You started a Facebook account under the name of Ms Wilcox?

  3. Ms Wilcox doesn't know yet what/who she is. Creating the page with a nickname in place wouldn't have made sense yet.

    On top of that I didn't realize I could actually reserve a name :)
    I thought those were all additional purchases.
    And I am a bit in the state of mind that I don't really care for the nickname.
    It will probably be Thoay, but it might change just as easy.

  4. I agree, the handle can be a real joy breaker if you don't have anything fitting.
    But it's going to be what people recognize you by, so do give it some thought :-)

    You can alsways reserve the Handle "Phe" if you like :-)

  5. She doesn't happen to be from Kingsmouth, does she?

  6. I don't think she's from there, but something tells me she's going there.

    That is if this "Oh, when we said your client was up to date 10 hours ago, we really meant you just needed to download another 1.88GB right at the moment we said our Servers would open for you" DOwnload finishes anytime soon.

  7. I figured out finally what I did wrong. My facebook page was not properly registered yet. Now it is. And I might now lose it too :) Registration required a SMS to my UK phone. Jennifer Wilcox is very American. That might set off the alarm bells of the facebook police.

    So now that it is working, my timeline and diary is properly working. Please visit it one more time at, and no, she doesn't come from Kingsmouth :)