Sunday, January 29

Postcards from Eberron

Just a quick post with some screenies I took in DDO over the last week.
I particularly liked the subterranean Bugbear / Kobold village.
Well, except for the residents trying to kill me every step of the way.

DDO's moved from just Dungeons to several outdoor areas as well now. Like rooftop chases and Farmlands, but overall the game stays true to its name :-)


  1. Bleeh, layout totally messed up.

    Oh well, it's just a bunch of pictures really

  2. Hmm, true to its name, you say. It is not all Dungeons any more, I haven't seen any Dragon yet, and looking at your chat windows there isn't much Online activity either :)

    All of that doesn't matter, of course. You have fun, and the screenies look pretty good. I do get a bit of an itch, but not enough yet.

  3. Funny you should notice that.
    Even though I'm playing on a US server during EU times, it never feels empty. Always there's people running around the place from Dungeon to Market to Trainer.

    But any chat there is is all business. Probably the least chatty MMO population. Not sure why that is.

  4. Very nice screenshots, I don't remember it looking that good :)

  5. Dragon? Wasn't there one in that ice cave dungeon? I forget how far into the game you have to get to do that one, but I don't think I wasn't too far in. I stopped playing because of the same reason I don't play GW much any more. Tired of wasting the majority of my play time waiting on groups to do the instances with. I know you can do most solo, but I'm not looking for online single player games when I play online...

  6. *I don't think I was too far in.

    Bleh... That's the problem with changing what you want to say after you've already written it and then not proofreading before you hit reply... lol