Tuesday, November 1

Isn't it Ironic?

That just a week after I pick up my old habit of sharing items I read through Google Reader, Google launches a new an improved (read: stripped of whatever lay-out embellishments it used to have and replace everything with road-sign style buttons) version of Reader which is better integrated with the newfangled Google+ (which as far as I can tell is Google's 5th attempt at doing social network platform thingies?).

The downside to this is that classic sharing appears to have been disabled now.
If I click the new "Share/bookmark" link I get about 30 or 40 sharing options for various likes, digs, probes, pokes and whatnots. By the looks of it I can share an item I like with everything except my old sharing option of creating a Google Reader newsfeed of Interesting Items.

With luck I'll figure out how to keep doing this sometime tonight, the Lani's Interested Item feed still exists, just need to figure out how to (easily) add new items to it.


  1. Before you say "Google Reader is listed as a sharing option" after clicking "Share/bookmark", this results in a message that the "Add note in Google Reader is no longer supported in Reader".
    Which is not the feature I was using, that one never really caught on, with me.

  2. Never really tried it out. I was just a consumer of your topics :)
    TAGN is not happy either with the changes according to this post.

  3. Richard Barttle is also unhappy with changes too Google due to Google+

    I've been unable to get the sharing feature to work.
    It's a real shame as that was my main reason to use Google Reader. I'll have to consider if I should find another reader which offers a simple way to generate a feed of items you've read and lets you include it into your blog page. Like a blogroll, but containing the actual articles you read, not links to blog landing pages.

  4. Oops, forgot to add href= to that linmk...


    See? this is why that "share item" was useful!

  5. /me mutters

    I just noticed GMAIL is up next for "Getting a new look".
    Again with the minimalistic white on white with background coloured text buttons.
    I guess Google's trying to overcome sucking at UI design by getting rid of the whole concept.

    Here's hoping I can keep using my customized GMAIL UI for a while longer. If not I'll have to look into the current versions of Thunderbird and/or Evolution

  6. I actually like gmail upgrade. The new look is nice after I tweaked a little bit with the settings. Although my tweaking involved making it more look like before :)