Sunday, January 9

Rift pictorial

Nature Rifts look so beautiful at first

That was my Quest Reward giver...

Nice vista in Stonefield

The Guardians have the better weather magic

Fightin' Demons

Fightin' Trolls (I bug reported my trousers)

Kettle arrives at Sanctum to be greeted by fireworks

Defiant invasion of our Quest Hub.

I'm in between the rock-fellas

Vanguard style name-tags have their issues

Charging in!

Victory :-)


  1. I played Kettle to day so as not to saturate my Defiant enjoyment come launch, and in hopes of running into Phè.
    I enjoyed playing with her a lot and suspect I may end up with both Guardian and Defiant toons afterall. You do have to stomach the Guardian NPC arrogance, but this is offset by a lot nicer Player community than you find at the Defiant side.

  2. I played mostly with Abeen on the Defiant side :) I ran into reasonably nice folks today. Plenty of teaming for common goals. Not much chatter though. Global chat is often the usual wow-this-wow-that rubbish, but it is not even all bad. I haven't reached the magic 14 yet, so I am still not sure if this is my game. But I am enjoying well enough so far.

  3. Oh, and nice screenies! I have forgotten to take any. It looks like you got the same pair of trousers as me. I /bugged them too :)

  4. I thought Stonefield was great, loved the atmosphere. I stopped questing there for a while and went off exploring instead which was part motivated by my need to find better quality hide, as Phe rightly said Butcher is the ideal profession for a necro :)

    I discovered the Planar Trader in Stonefield offered portal stones over to the Guardian side, all went well until I got too close to a town and the guards attacked me, previously I'd been fighting side by side with Guardians against a couple of rifts, the guard attack flagged me for PvP so that put a stop to that. Vailare is currently hidden behind a waterfall waiting for his return skill to cool down.

  5. What's magical about 14 I wonder...
    I just took part of a zone-wide invasion in Silverwood (L5-20) which was a lot of fun running around in a zerg and discovering my Shield Throw will peel an L23 Elite mob of a Raid Tank L22 :-)

    It was also pretty confusing and I had no idea where to go most of the time, not even with the Map to show ongoing invasions.

  6. Added four more pictures of the Silverwood Zone invasion for your appreciation.
    Not sure if/how much time I'll have tomorrow but so far this Beta has reaffirmed for me that this is a great game. A three monther at least.

  7. I played quite a bit on Sunday. Enough to know I don't regret placing the pre-order. It is all fun enough to keep me entertained for a while. But I am still not as excited about the game as I was when I started playing AO, COH, Vanguard, Fallen Earth, even AOC, and lately GuildWars.

    The world is too cramped up with quests and artificial hubs. I hate the term, but it really feels like an amusement park with continuous action packed rides. The drawback is that my avatar is not a virtual person in a virtual world, but me playing a 3rd person action game. I am not sure how long that will keep me going.

    I am not fully sold on the rifts and invasions either. My problem with them is that I don't really feel I am in control of anything. I just go in, spam my spells and either I get too much aggro and die, or eventually stuff dies. But I don't feel I really put any thought in it.

    It is a bit the same reason I don't like raids much. I don't feel I am really doing anything clever. But not to sound all doom and gloom, I did have a really fun experience with a smaller rift/invasion. We were just 5 or 6 players, and we cleverly managed to pull some attackers out of the bunch, kill them off, and then went in after the rest. I was still mostly random button pressing, but at least I felt I did something.

    So, conclusion, I will keep playing Rift. But not sure how long I will last.

  8. Very nice! Shame I'm knee deep in getting my Worgen Druid to 85 or I'd consider joining ya'll.

  9. The game is secretly pulling me in quite a bit. I have been scurrying around blogs and forums looking for updates and impressions. Ravious (and comments) over at killtenrats has some nice insights as usual that are reflecting some of my worries/views too.

    But I do want to play. Now! So that is a good thing. Except for the bit that I am not allowed to play just yet. When is the next beta event?

  10. Ravious makes a nice read, I liked how his enthusiasm for the dynamic content came across, a nice little story :)

    Interesting to see how things progress, they've proved that the technology behind the rifts and invasions are flexible but I think it may take them a while to get the balance right.

    I've given the beta forums the benefit of a ramble about crafting, dull being the operative word, it's a limited system but there are a few ways they could make it at least a bit more interesting, hope they do.

  11. Some meaty notes for Beta 5

    Particularly glad to see the grouping feature and better inventory management.

  12. I'll be there at 6 tomorrow!

  13. Excellent.

    I don't know if you've been keeping tabs on the forums for Rift but it seems to me they addressed nearly every major concern the players have raised, I'm Impressed.

  14. That's a very positive read you linked to Geek.
    Just about the only downer I could see was that they'll probably end up without any kind of idnividuality as their racial abilities are nerfed down to meaningless differences.
    I do understand why though, it's a shame though that "real" racial differences are going to a thing of Single player games.