Wednesday, December 15

Blizzard Promote Bad Hygiene

Glider, in short, hides itself from the Warden software that scans the machines of Warcraft’s 10 million players for bots, thus allowing Glider license holders to play Warcraft while taking a shower in violation of Warcraft’s terms of service that prohibit bot use.

I mean, come on! People gotta take a shower some time!

But seriously, botting is bad. Don't do it. If you're so addicted to a game that you have to play it even when you can't play it, perhaps you ought not be playing at all? It's like those internet urinals. I always thought it a bit of a joke. I hope no one actually uses those.

Anyway, I found the shower bit a tad humorous and thought I'd share. Feel free to commence with the discussion on the morality, or lack thereof of botting...

full disclosure: this post is meant mostly tongue in cheek. the author in no way supports breaking the tos of a game, unless you can retire at a beachhouse in cancun from doing so... ;)


  1. And fi promote bad grammer....

  2. I wonder who's the author of the quote.
    From his choice of words he seems to think botting only has benign applications.
    WHile I won't dispute that is has, the way he phrases it is aimed at making Blizzard and Wardn look silly. So either he's desperate for a funny remark, or seriously thinks only benign uses for bots exist. In both cases he hurts himself more than Blizzard :-)


  4. As far as I can tell the purpose of the Glider mod is indeed for those people that don't want to play the game they are paying for. But it is of course just an attempt to see if they can open the door for full blown botting systems. It restores some respect for the US legal system that they didn't let this one go through. Common sense prevails over legal atrocities.

    The fact that bots exist, and people actually like to pay for not playing shows some of the major flaws in MMO design. Or maybe not so much the design, but the route WOW has pushed it. "All the fun is at the end" should not be model to make any game. Especially not one where you hope for people to stick around with.

    I think it would be a nice idea to make a very tough raid dungeon thing where the final loot will be a crystal of awesomeness. With that crystal you can create instant top level characters fully equiped with tier1 (as in the lowest tier) armor.

    All problems solved.

    Well, not really. There will still be bots. And idiots.