Wednesday, November 3

Look what has risen from the death!

I received an email today from these guys. I can't discuss what was in that email. But I can say it contained a handy link for my friends to sign up for closed beta.

I don't know if you can all remember the story of Gods & Heroes. It was originally being developed by Perpetual Entertainment. That is the same company that were doing Star Trek Online. But it went all bongers. Lay offs, more lay offs, selling of IP, law suits, and finally the end. The website of Gods&Heroes was one of the coolest and well made websites I had seen of any game at the time. I have spend days and days filling the G&H GameAmp site with all the content they provided (not sure why since nobody ever visited that site). If only the rest of the company was as competent as the guys that made that website.

Although I never thought the concept of the game was all that brilliant, I had a weak spot for it. So I am happy it may see the light after all. But not happy enough yet to actually download and try it. That is more up Geekzor's alley.


  1. I got an email as well. I did a double take. "Wait, this looks vaguely familiar. Where have I seen this before?" Then I recalled someone spending days and days filling the G&H GameAmp site with all the content they provided. ;)

  2. I got the email too :) I didn't get a chance to take a look the first time around so I'll be having a look this time for sure .